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Bowie Consulting was founded by David Beaumont.

David or "Bowie" as he prefers, is a CPA who ran a successful public accounting practice for over 20 years. He is extremely passionate about growing successful businesses for owners.

Our connection with an internationally accredited network of business advisors along with our practical experience and formal qualifications, gives us a solid technical platform to help businesses improve their efficiency and drive the results they are looking for,

Ask yourself the question .. "Why did I go into business?"

We've had many different answers over the years, but generally without fail there is always one common thread in all of them and that is ...

"To make money." and " To make more money than if I was employed by someone else."

Interestingly though many business owners actually struggle to achieve this for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, they become a slave to their business. They end up working long hours and in a lot of cases earn less than what they pay their employees.

At Bowie we believe that the true purpose of any business is to "SELL IT"

Why? Well, when it is all said and done, what has a business owner got unless they have a business with real value that they can sell when the time is right for them. Why take all of the risks, invest hard earned money let alone your time, to get nothing at the end?

Our approach has always been to look for simple, easy, practical and powerful ways to help leverage and grow businesses and to improve efficiency and the bottom line of those businesses which we work closely with.

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David Beaumont
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8 John Penn Avenue, Merimbula, NSW
NSW 2548