Volunteer with Our Merimbula

Our Merimbula is a volunteer organisation committed to serving your local community. Our objectives include

  1. Developing and fostering economic growth
  2. Supporting the needs of local businesses and members
  3. Representing our members in relevant areas
  4. Engaging with local businesses and the community
  5. Creating a vibrant town centre

We rely on volunteers from the community to help deliver our projects and are always on the look out for more people to help. We welcome people with all sorts of skills and you don’t have to be a business owner to get involved. You don’t have to attend committee meetings or sign up for a position, you can just help out in a way and time that suits you.
Volunteering isn’t all giving either, you will GET a lot from it. Here are a few benefits of volunteering

  1. Make new friends
  2. Provides you with a sense of purpose
  3. Provides a sense of community
  4. Improve your confidence
  5. Feel happier
  6. Learn something new
  7. Explore your interests

If you are interested in helping your community and chamber please fill out the form below.