Tips for using Social Media during a crisis

We have been increasingly asked, by businesses and content producers from around the Sapphire Coast…”what is best practice when posting on social media, to support tourism in our region and say the right things?”.

So here is the bite size guide.

For a start there will be slightly different approaches between towns and individuals, given the current situation, but there are some fundamentals and easy ways to support and, importantly, amplify the messaging of the Sapphire Coast.

Firstly and critically be authentic and positive. Highlighting the benefits will resonate best when encouraging visitation. Avoid being desperate and playing overtly to the sympathy vote.

Supporting the above does not always mean repeating it verbatim. The sentiment is obvious and can be easily supported with your own take on images and other written interpretations. For example:-

If you are a content regular, capture your classic ‘Sapphire Coast’ image and make it clear that…
‘Things have been challenging (authentic) but this was Tathra today. Getting back to our brilliant best’ (benefit)

Capture visitors enjoying your business and ask them to comment. Customer comments are a powerful demonstration of being ready for visitors.
Bill said he was worried when planning but in the end it was a blessing to avoid the smoke of Canberra (realistic/authentic) and uplifting to see Tathra at its stunning best (ie What you love about the Sapphire Coast remains unchanged)

Show empathy and respect towards neighbours, other regions and businesses.
‘How lucky we all were that this beautiful coastline has been unaffected, this might just be thing that helps us recover!’

Support and share other business content. EG. a stunning food or oyster shot. If you have nothing then search around for something to post. Or give us a call!
‘Another reason to visit the Sapphire Coast… Johnnys Oysters are still in great conditions, trust me I tested them, a lot of them. (authentic)

Some recommended tags and hashtags #sapphirecoastnsw @sapphirecoastnsw #sapphirecoast @visitnsw #emptyesky #holidayherethisyear #newsouthwales #recoveryweekend

Some things that WON’T help our destination marketing in the short or longer term. Or in other words, “what not to do” …
• Images conjuring reactions of despair and sadness; injured animals, damaged homes and despair.
• Any content that could offend, in particular others in your community
• Content that is dominated by burnt out areas.
• Avoid the use negative/desperate hashtags


Information supplied by Sapphire Coast Destination Marketing