Merimbula Town Summit

People walking on the Merimbula boardwalk

The Merimbula Chamber of Commerce is holding a Town Summit in Merimbula to bring together local businesses and key stakeholders to discuss the future of Merimbula. In the context of 2020 and the difficult challenges the town faced, the Chamber wants to support a business-led recovery that sets a framework for long-term resilience, and create a vibrant town where local businesses thrive in collaboration.

The global decline of traditional retail aligned with recent disruption – – has had a severe impact on Merimbula’s local businesses. Identifying underlying issues and mapping challenges for Merimbula and the individual businesses operating in the centre is the first step for recovery, and the Summit will start by fostering discussion regarding issues.

The ultimate outcome of the Merimbula Town Summit is to establish the foundations for a strong recovery, building on opportunities and gaps identified during the session, and reaching achievable, implementable actions. The Summit will also provide time to collaboratively reflect on future aspirations for the town and brainstorm incubator projects brought by key stakeholders.

Engagement outcomes will be collated into an Action Plan for 2021, with guidelines for timing, budget and pathways for partnerships and set a roadmap for a new, long-term vision for Merimbula.

The Chamber will then work with a cross-section of the key stakeholders that take part in the Summit to form a working group to deliver the vision for the Merimbula Town Centre and assume leadership in implementing the Action Plan for 2021.

Key Stakeholders

The Summit will bring to the table different government agencies and local government authorities, a broad cross-section of local community and interest groups, including education and culture representatives, as well as landowners, local businesses from a range of industries.

Summit Format

The Summit will take place on Friday 19th February 2021 and Saturday 20th February 2021 at Merimbula RSL Club. The Summit consists of a 4-hour fast-paced session consisting of extensive identification of issues and existing challenges, gap analysis to pinpoint opportunities for growth and what unique features of Merimbula’s town centre can be leveraged to foster economic development.

A networking dinner will also take place on Friday 19th February 2021, providing a less formal opportunity for networking and establishing pathways for local collaboration, with motivated participants that are fresh out of the working session and motivated to get positive change happening in Merimbula.

A further session of 3 hours on Saturday, 20th February 2021, will focus on the future and plan for long-term recovery of the town centre. A range of highly interactive activities will address future aspirations and ideas, including potential sites for provision of mixed-used retail, residential, office and green space. The establishment of the Action Plan for 2021, as well as the Local Leadership Group will be drafted in the Saturday session.

Key stakeholders will receive an invitation however there will be some positions for the public to take part. Please register your interest if you would like to attend RSVP by Friday 29th January 2021 through

The town summit has been made possible thanks to funding from The Mumbulla Foundation and the Club Grants program from Merimbula RSL