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Code of Conduct

Executive Committee Code of Conduct


This code of conduct applies to members of the Executive Committee.

Executive committee members agree to:


  • Respect the reputation, profile and status of the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, and represent the Chamber accordingly.

  • Act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the Chamber in exercising their


  • Support the statement of objectives as expressed in the constitution.

  • Listen to and respect the opinions of fellow Committee members.

  • Discuss issues in a co-operative manner.

  • Recognise that their primary responsibility is to the Chamber members as a whole but, where appropriate; consider the interests of all stakeholders.

  • If a conflict of interest arises, declare it to the committee and withdraw when discussion of the issue is held and not vote on that issue. 

  • Understand that information dealt with by the committee and the discussion surrounding it may be confidential and undertake to respect that confidentiality.

  • Comply with the legal requirements of the association including the Constitution, Office of Fair Trading guidelines, the Incorporation Act and other relevant law.