Welcome Back !


Merimbula Chamber of Commerce and Merimbula Tourism welcomes back all of our guests to town. Even if it is your first time visiting, welcome!

As you can imagine, 2020 has been a very difficult year for our town. Starting with the Bushfire Emergency in early January, that sent all of our visitors packing, then kept everyone away for 6-8 weeks. Then in March when people were just starting to come back, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and people left again. With restricted movements, guidelines and regulations and further border closures, our town has been continuously heavily impacted throughout most of the year. We have been affected significantly in comparison to other than some towns, due to our heavy reliance on visitors, especially from Victoria.

Of course, the good news is, with restrictions easing and borders opening, visitors are coming back which is great and we want to say a big thank you and Welcome Back! You may have noticed the big signs coming into town, or the badges that our businesses are wearing, that is our way of saying thank you for coming back.

But unfortunately, it is still not all roses. Our businesses have struggled throughout the year and many owners are tired and mentally drained. It has been a challenge to keep and attract staff so the staff that working are working harder than ever. Then there are the COVID Safe limitations and restrictions. You will notice that there are signs limiting the number of people into each business. Please pay attention to these and respect them. They are here to keep you, our businesses, and our community safe.

Due to some of these things, you might find some services are restricted, or you may have to wait longer to get served. If you are thinking of dining out, we recommend you book well ahead to avoid disappointment. We also ask that you bit a little patient if you have to wait a little longer. We are all doing our best under difficult conditions. Remember while you are enjoying your holiday, our businesses are working hard to make sure you enjoy yours, so please be patient and respectful.

Thanks again for visiting !